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Spring Trails Businesses

Discussion in 'Feedback, Comments, or Suggestions' started by Magan & Dustyn Blasig, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Magan & Dustyn Blasig

    Magan & Dustyn Blasig New Member Building Committee

    Street Name:
    Pencil Cactus Dr
    Is there a way for us to create a form where members can post information for their business making it easier for us to find people right here in our community that we can hire? It would be nice if the page were organized by category (e.g. construction, electrical, care giving, etc.).
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  2. Jeffrey Baxter

    Jeffrey Baxter New Member Neighborhood Watch

    Street Name:
    Autumn Sage Way
    Great idea. For a start you could make a forum thread until another idea is put into place. I like the thought of hiring a neighbor that I can trust over a random person.
  3. David_Edwards

    David_Edwards Administrator Staff Member Website Admin Neighborhood Watch

    Street Name:
    Pencil Cactus Dr
    We can do a number of things in this capacity. At a minimum, we can set up a forum for folks to post about their business. I think we might be able to do more on that but I need to do some digging into some extensions we can leverage through Xenforo (our forum software). For now, I've created the Spring Trails Businesses forum and moved Child Care and Lawn Care subforums into that one.

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